2016 DOC Christmas Performances

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RO Tree Lighting.jpg - 89590 Bytes
Songsters with John Paul directing perform December 1st for the Royal Oak Tree Lighting event.
Providence Novi.jpg - 227703 Bytes
Singing in the lobby at Providence Park Hospital in Novi prior to heading to all the floors.
Detroit Zoo Polar Beers.jpg - 236053 Bytes
Singing at the Detroit Zoo Polar Beers event with small group of Songsters.
Providence Southfield.jpg - 250239 Bytes
Singing on one of the patient floors at Providence Hospital in Southfield.
Beaumont Royal Oak.jpg - 252935 Bytes
Singing in the lobby at Royal Oak Beaumont prior to heading to all the patient floors.
Royal Oak Symphony.jpg - 323226 Bytes
Singing prior to the Royal Oak Symphony Orchestra concert on December 16th.
Visit the Royal Oak Symphony Facebook Page.
Detroit Zoo Wild Lights.jpg - 225336 Bytes
Performing at the Detroit Zoo Wild Lights event on December 20. Standing on the steps of the Polk Penguin Conservation Center. It was COLD!
Greenfield Village.jpg - 97198 Bytes
Singing at Greenfield Village's Holiday Nights on December 28.
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